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IAFOR’s social sciences programme is one of its largest, including large interdisciplinary conferences in social sciences and sustainability, as well as medium-sized events in business, management and public policy. We also hold a number of smaller, more concentrated events such as those focusing on areas like Asia-Pacific security, or the fields associated with gerontology. IAFOR’s


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Conference Proceedings Read the ECSS Conference Proceedings. IAFOR Journals IAFOR publishes several editorially independent, Open Access journals across a variety of disciplines. They conform to the highest academic standards of international peer review, and are published in accordance with IAFOR’s commitment to make all of our published materials available online. All papers published in the

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Welcome to The 7th European Conference on the Social Sciences, an interdisciplinary conference held in the cosmopolitan city of Brighton, UK, July 9–10, 2019.


Keynote and Featured Speakers at The European Conference on the Social Sciences (ECSS) will provide perspectives from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds.

The European Conference on the Social Sciences (ECSS)

Why Attend ECSS?

The European Conference on the Social Sciences offers the chance to exchange the latest ideas, attend panels and workshops, and interact with some of the biggest names in the field.

Cultural Tours

Create lasting memories of your trip to the UK with our range of conference activities. Get to know the area with a cultural tour, and experience the local cuisine at the Conference Dinner.